Urban Waterfronts 2011:  Thirty Years and Counting

Presentations from the New York Conference 


Panel A-1: Waterfront Pioneers: Thirty Years Ago Plus, and Today 

  It's a Long Way from Jack London Square - What Four Plus Decades Have Achieved

  The Newport Waterfront: Nearly 40 Years of Public and Private Initiatives - What it Took and What's Envisioned

Panel B-1:  The Regional Approach:  Strength in Numbers 

  Strength in Numbers: Building a Coalition

  Working with Watershed Groups to Reach a Common Goal

  Canadian and U.S. Cities: The Power of Shared Waters

Panel C-1: That Something Special - The Role of Art and Artists 

  Creative Collaborations Work for Beautiful and Sustainable Waterfronts

  The Drama and Magic of Water's Dynamism

Panel A-2:  Historic Harbors as Economic Generators

  Halifax Harbour as Economic Engine: Past, Present and Future

Panel B-2: The Blue Trails Movement

  The Blue Trail Movement Has Hit It's Stride: A National Overview

  The Bronx River Blueway - Paddling Opportunities on a Hidden Gem

Panel A-3:  Building and Maintaining Mixed Use Projects

  Waterfront Wellington, With Over Thirty Years Modern History, Wellington's Waterfront is a Vibrant Multiple Purpose People Place

  Station Square and Other Lessons from Pittsburgh

Panel C-3:  Urban Islands

  Governor's Island - A Long-Time Dream Being Realized

  Planning for San Francisco' Gem - Treasure Island

Closing Plenary

  Contested Ground: Lower Don Lands Toronto

Waterfront Center Awards

  The Waterfront Center 24th Annual Awards Program: Excellence on the Waterfront 2011

  The Waterfront Center Awards in the New York Area 1987 -2011