Excllence on the Waterfront Awards 2018


Presentations from the Yuma Arizona Conference

Hosted  by The Waterfront Center and Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area


   Keynote Presentation, Anne Castle, former assistant secretary for water and science, US Department of the Interior

Panel A-1: The Colorado River: How Did We Get Here? 

  Jim Cherry, retired area manager, Bureau of Reclamation, Yuma, Arizona

  John Swett, Program Manager (LC-8000)ns

Panel B-1: Facing Water’s Challenges in Today’s World

  Roland Lewis, Executive Director Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, New York, New York

  Mark Jaworski, Regional Technology Leader for Coastal Planning and Engineering, CH2M-Jacobs, New York, New York

Panel A-2: Contemporary Issues: Mitigation, Restoration and Water Conservation

  Charles Flynn, Executive Director of the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area

  Fred Phillips, President and owner of Fred Phillips Consulting, LLC (FPC)

  Jack Schmidt, Professor of Watershed Sciences, Utah State University Center for Colorado River Studies

  Panel B-2: Getting Back to Cases

  David Benn, Principal Cho Benn Holback, a Quinn Evans Company Baltimore, Maryland

  Carol Mayer-Reed, Partner, Mayer/Reed, Inc. 

Panel A-3: The Colorado River in the 21st Century

  Jim Cherry, retired area manager, Bureau of Reclamation, Yuma, Arizona

  Osvel Hinojosa Huerta, Director of the Water and Wetlands Program for Pronatura Noroeste

Panel B-3: Water Conservation/Innovation: What Cities Can Do

  Kathy O. Wine, Executive Director, River Action

   Mike Houck, Urban Greenspaces Institute

  Rick Barrett, Principal Design Director MIG, Inc., San Diego, CA

Closing Plenary

  Mary Miss, Artist, Founder City as Living Laboratory, New York, New York