The 22nd Annual Excellence on the Waterfront Awards Program


A Waterfront Center jury
poses after deliberations with Center co-directors (foreground)

The Waterfront Center Annual Awards Program is a juried competition to recognize:

Winners receive international recognition through a major media release announcing and describing the selected entries and a special display on our web site featuring each winner plus a special awards ceremony, reception and dinner during the Centerís annual conference.


Due to a glitch in our mailing system the newsletter intended to 
announce and promote the Excellence on the Waterfront awards program and deadline reached many people after June 30 so we want to get the word out that we are extending the deadline until July 30. 

Visit our web site for full details. If you have any questions, please call the Center at 202-337-0356.

Judging Criteria for all entries

Sensitivity of  the design to water. Document how the entry makes use of the waterfront and the water resource, how  it provides for active public enjoyment of the waterfront and, where possible, provides for physical and visual access  to and along the waterfront.

Quality and harmony of design. Show how the project/plan/citizen effort/student work fits into the surroundings, be  they natural or man-made, and incorporates and celebrates the unique historic and cultural features of the  community, particularly relating to the waterfront. The human scale of the project will also be a consideration.

Civic contribution. Relate how the project has helped the economy of the community, boosted civic pride or  otherwise has had a positive affect on the area. Show that the work is sustainable and how it is economically viable over the long run. 

Environmental. Show how environmental values are stressed. This aspect of a project or plan has been very important to recent juries. 

Enrichment. Show how the project/plan contributes to the overall cultural richness of the community. Where  applicable, relate how the entry provides interpretive signs, displays or other facilities to explain an areaís waterfront heritage and natural values. 



Entrants, co-entrants, nominees and nominators of winning entries will be given advance notice so that a representative can participate in the announcement ceremony of Friday afternoon, November 21, 2008 at the  Drake Hotel in Chicago, Massachusetts and at the Gala Dinner that follows. Winners will be asked to supply names  of all major participants in the project/plan/citizen effort/student work so that they can be properly acknowledged  and certificates can be prepared for them.

The 2008 Jury 

 Jim August, Chief Executive Officer, The Forks Foundation and North Portage Development, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Jury Chair

Winners Featured in Booklets

The Excellence on the Waterfront Series


These booklets feature the winners of the Waterfront Center's annual Excellence on the Waterfront competition, a program begun in 1987 with assistance from the National Endowment for the Arts.

These publications are extremely useful for any city or organization undertaking urban waterfront planning or development. By featuring work that has undergone scrutiny from interdisciplinary juries, the booklets serve to put communities everywhere in touch with current best practices. Great to pass around to city council members or city staff. It will quickly educate a city or town's governing body, for example, to the wide range of exciting work that is taking place in other communities both here and abroad. All city sizes are represented in the projects and plans included.

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