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Waterfronts Reborn A Documentary Film

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    On May 20-22, 2016 the Center co-directors, Ann Breen and Dick Rigby, joined Jonathan Dann, the executive producer of the film met up in Houston, Texas to begin shooting the trailer for a planned hour-long documentary on the waterfront phenomenon of the last 35+ years. The 10-minute trailer will set the stage for the fuller story and focuses on the Buffalo Bayou as a mini-case study.. Read more about it HERE


2016 Winners of the Waterfront Center Excellence on the Waterfront Awards are now in the search database.

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Images and information about winners of the Waterfront Center's excellence on the waterfront awards program can be found in a searchable database. Guidelines to the search engine's use can be found HERE and the page to enter queries can be found HERE 

 Top Honor Award Winners

    Since 1987 the Waterfront Center has given awards to waterfront projects of outstanding excellence. The pictures below show the top honor award winners of the last ten years.  
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A Tribute to Ann Breen

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