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Excellence on the Waterfront Awards 2015

2015 Excellence on the Waterfront Jury Members: 
Jeffrey Parks, Chair, ArtsQuest Foundation, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Collette Crepelle, principal, Eskew + Dumez + Ripple, New Orleans, Louisiana
Charles Flynn, executive director, Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area, Yuma, Arizona
Anne McIlroy, principal, Brook-McIlroy, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
William Wenk, principal, William Wenk Associates, Denver, Colorado

Application Form

Entry Guidelines

Project Guidelines

Plan Guidelines

Student Guidelines

Clearwater Guidelines

Judging Criteria for all entries

Sensitivity of the design to water. Document how the entry makes use of the waterfront and the water resource, how it provides for active public enjoyment of the waterfront and, where possible, provides for physical and visual access to and along the waterfront.

Quality and harmony of design. Show how the project/plan citizen effort/student work fits into the surroundings, be they natural or man-made, and incorporates and celebrates the unique historic and cultural features of the community, particularly relating to the waterfront. The human scale of the project will also be a consideration.

Civic contribution. Relate how the project has helped the economy of the community, boosted civic pride or otherwise has had a positive affect on the area. Show that the work is sustainable and how it is economically viable over the long run.

Environmental. Show how environmental values are stressed. This aspect and the importance of sound scientific underpinnings have been very important to recent juries.

Enrichment. Show how the project/plan contributes to the overall cultural richness of the community. Where applicable, relate how the entry provides interpretive signs, displays or other facilities to explain an area’s waterfront heritage and natural values.

Degree of difficulty. Describe how obstacles of various types have been overcome, be they natural, political/jurisdictional, economic or permitting.


    The Waterfront Center’s annual awards program is a chance for cities, design firms and developers, as well as citizens groups and students, to receive recognition for their waterfront achievements.   What distinguishes the Center’s awards is that the winners are selected by an interdisciplinary jury. Participants range from public artists to engineers to civic leaders and designers.  

    The entry requirements are simple: 20 illustrations and a two-page narrative, with any additional material desired contained in a three-ring binder. Entries must be postmarked by July 1st 2015.

Awards are made in four categories: 
• projects (must be substantially completed), 
• comprehensive plans, 
• grassroots citizen efforts (called the Clearwater Award), 
• students.

    The awards program was begun in 1987 with a grant from the National Endowment for the arts. With the 2015 program, there will have been 28 years of recognition of top urban waterfront work from around the world, totaling approximately 370  activities. The Center is seeking funding to enable it to put all of the winners on its Web site. Each entry will be illustrated, described and current contact information provided. The work will be accessible by award year, type of project and geography.

The Waterfront Center announces winners of the 2014

“Excellence on the Waterfront” Program

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2014 Jury Listing

Joel Mills, director, American Institute of Architects/Communities by Design, jury chair, 
Mike Dawson, CEO, River Alliance.Columbia, South Carolina 
Luis Cantante de Matos, chief engineer, Luanda Waterfront Project, Luanda, Angola 
Margot Long, principal, PWL Partnership Landscape Architects, Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia 
Jeff Parks, president, ArtsQuest, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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The 24th Annual Excellence on the Waterfront Awards Program

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